LED Temperature Heart Sensor Thermos and Water Bottle.

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LED Temperature Heart Sensor Thermos and Water Bottle.

360ml capacity, Vacuum sealed bottle. Double insulation to maintain temperature.

Available in 4 fun colors: Blue, Purple, Black.

Bottle has specialized sensor that indicates the temperature by color that appears within the heart shape located on top of the bottle.

Each color represents the following-

  • Blue, 0-35 degrees, cold water, 
  • Orange, 35-65 degrees, warm water
  • Red, above 65 degrees, HOT/Boiling, drink slowly.

Touch the temperature cup, in addition to drinking water, drinking coffee, rose tea... it also has a specific function! When you pick up the cup, the cup's heart-shape will flash a charming color! When the cup of water temperature is different, the heart-shape on the cup will issue three different colors: red on behalf of the warm boiling, orange is warm, blue is low-key play cool!

Usually on the table, heart-shaped will not light, only when the hand makes contact with the bottle. 

Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Thermal Insulation Performance: 6-12 hours
Production: Outdoor Travel Cup
Bottle Type: Vacuum
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Certification: CE / EU
Texture of material: Inner liner 304 stainless steel shell, PP
Packing specification: 22*7.4*7.4cm or 8.7*2.9*2.9inches
colour: Black, blue, purple, pink
volume: 360ml

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